UB | Your universal basket

Keep your shoppers in-app and significantly increase conversion with a native basket and checkout.

UB provides a shopping basket for services that aggregate products online.

We provide a basket and checkout service for social shopping and comparison services, or any service which aggregates products on its app or site. We effectively turn these services into a complete shop, containing the user experience and increasing conversion.

Your social shopping website or comparison app earns referral revenue every transaction. But currently you pass your customers out into the ecommerce wilderness to complete a sale.

UB can give you a native basket and checkout that keeps your users within your service. Your customers get a seamless experience with no jarring hops away to the seller's shop, increasing conversion and consolidating the value of your brand.

If you're in the mobile space you'll know that basket abandonment rates run wild at 97%. With UB your customers get a single shopping profile, so checkouts become effortless. We reduce the average 20 checkout fields to just one, increasing conversions and your referral income.

Own the basket and checkout

You've spent months designing a beautiful storefront your customers love. Now you can have a native basket and checkout on desktop, tablet and mobile, that works for all your products.

Consolidate your user experience

With UB you no longer need to pass customers outside of your own service so they retain your brand experience and convert better.

One UB profile for express checkout

Basket abandonment rates are high — especially on mobile. UB removes the pain of account creation and form completion by providing one ID and profile for shopping.

UB is deployed via an SDK. It's as simple as adding a small Javascript snippet for web applications, or adding a library and code snippets to your app project.

We're currently in Beta with a limited number of partners while we test our implementation. If you'd like to join our roster of partners or just want more information, get in touch.

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About us

We started UB because there was no simple, central service that allowed shoppers to collect and buy anything wherever they shopped.

UB is a massive technology challenge involving much R&D. We've built a service that makes sense of the myriad, confusing shopping experiences out there on the wild wild web. We think much of the ecommerce purchase experience is broken – especially on mobile – and we're fixing it so you or your ecommerce business doesn't have to.

The founders

Marcus Greenwood

Marcus leads overall company strategy and business development. Originally from an engineering background, before UB he co-founded and ran product for social networking platform Webjam.

Find Marcus on Linkedin and Twitter as @inventur_es.

Anne Stauche

Anne is the original founder and leads product and experience. Prior to UB, Anne developed products and solutions, especially in the areas of ecommerce and online payments, for PayPal and Yahoo.

Mark Russell

Mark looks after the organisational side of things at UB. Before cofounding the company he worked all over town, for major clients, agencies, government and startups.

See Mark's Linkedin profile and Mark on Twitter as @mrkrsl.

Anatoliy Chakkaev

An experienced developer, open source contributor and author of the popular Compound.js and JugglingDB frameworks for Node.js.

We're a growing team based in London's tech city. Why not say hi?

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